she was a mermaid who lost her way

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oh, the places you'll go

Teeth on my neck and hands
gripping my bones.
I want you like something wild
wants the key to its cage.
How long
do we sit here
trading radical words
while I stare at your mouth?
How much can I impress you
with all my talk of revolution
when all I want to do
is fuck you?

Clementine von Radics (via oofpoetry)

(via brocanteur)

That’s one of their lies! I genuinely don’t think that there are any real grown-ups. I think we are kids in drag. We are all wearing grown-up drag, and we’re all fooling each other. ‘Cuz you look around, and you go, ‘Okay, well, he’s definitely a grown-up. She’s a grown-up. I’m pretty sure that’s a grown-up over there’—you get into their heads, they’re going, ‘No, I’m twelve.’ But nobody knows! So it’s okay.

— Neil Gaiman, vastly improving my terrified mood one interview at a time (via novelconcepts)

(via bloodsilver)

there are rare moments, when you read your own writing and think, “wait, maybe, just maybe this is as good as they say it is.” god bless those moments.